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Promotion Indicators and Systems

J:COM will set promotion indicators for each of the four material issues and 12 sub-material issues and promote sustainability management. Promotion indicators will be reviewed as appropriate in light of changes in the external environment and business domains.

Driving Indicators

Safe and secure city planning Providing comfortable and moving services and improving corporate valueDigital innovation in daily life Expanding digital usage: Number of MY J:COM app downloads (cumulative) Providing dietary, exercise and other services in the areas of disease prevention using digital devices: Number of users registered through the MY J:COM app (cumulative) Providing rich entertainment Seamless provision of content and services that cater to a wide range of people's values: Number of devices provided that enable seamless viewing of TV and VOD (cumulative) Responsibility to customers Stable rate of service provision: 99.99% Contributing to safe, secure and sustainable local communities Co-creation with local communities Creating and promoting businesses to solve local issues: Case studies of initiatives and promotion in the BtoC and BG areas, digital promotion committee rate Creating safe and secure cities Contributing to the safety and security of local communities through the dissemination of disaster prevention, mitigation and crime prevention content and initiatives: Case studies of digital distribution content, number of security cameras installed, number of agreements regarding disaster prevention, safety and security, level of external penetration Supporting the next generation of challenges Supporting the next generation in education, culture and sports: Number of events Contributing to the global environment Taking on the challenge of realizing a decarbonized society Carbon neutral: Achieved in fiscal 2030 Effective use of resources Promote recycling: Terminal equipment waste recycling rate (※) 99% or more by FY2027 *Including thermal recycling (incineration) Reduce the burden on the natural environment Raise awareness of environmental issues and disseminate information: Examples of initiatives Realize well-being Respect human rights Human rights training attendance rate: 100% Promote DE&I and develop human resources Ratio of female managers: 22% by FY2027 Rate of DE&I training attendance: 100% Rate of DX training attendance: 100% Promote health management Rate of males taking parental leave: 80% by FY2027 Rate of paid leave taken: Maintain 80% or more by FY2027
  • * The deadline for quantitative promotion indicators without a fiscal year specified is the end of fiscal year 2024.

Promotion Structure

Sustainability management strategies and plans, materiality assessments based on changes in the external environment and business domains, and promotion indicators are regularly reported and discussed at management meetings, and are being promoted under the commitment of top management.

Promotion Structure
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