The newest just makes sense: J:COM

Materiality of "Life" Providing comfortable and moving services and improving corporate value

Good health and well-being for all
Build a foundation for industry and innovation
Creating a city where people can continue to live

Based on our corporate philosophy of "Let's touch people's hearts even more. Let's support people's lives even more. Let's pave the way for tomorrow and the future," we aim to provide our customers with a comfortable and moving lifestyle. We will achieve comfortable and prosperous lifestyles through a variety of business activities, including new services that are easy to understand and can be used by everyone, always and in the future, and inspiring entertainment, by being close to our customers.

Digital Innovation in Life

We will continue to work on innovation using digital technology and strive to improve CX to make our services more convenient to use, thereby providing services that enable everyone to live comfortable lives.

Providing a rich entertainment experience

In addition to delivering a wide variety of content through specialized channels, we seamlessly deliver all kinds of entertainment, including the planning and production of movies and TV animation, and the planning and management of events, regardless of time or place, and share moving experiences with our customers.

Responsibility to Customers

To ensure that our customers can use broadcasting, communications, and other services that are essential to their lives safely and securely, we strive to maintain quality 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, from network monitoring to equipment maintenance. We also put our customers first, and strictly manage personal data with high ethical standards and social common sense.

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