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J:COM technology that supports services

We strive to maintain quality 24/7, from network monitoring to equipment maintenance, so that our customers can use television, internet, Landline, and other services that are essential to their lives with peace of mind. We have also formulated a business continuity plan (BCP) to ensure that we can provide stable services to our customers even in the event of an emergency, and are working to improve the stability and reliability of our network. Furthermore, we are continually working to build a high-speed, stable network in response to recent changes in the communications environment.

Providing stable services

We strive to improve the stability and reliability of our network so that our customers can use our diverse services comfortably. We are also building a network that takes into account multiple routes (redundancy) so that services can continue even if the network is cut off due to an accident or disaster.
We also operate 24/7 monitoring centers in eastern and western Japan for network management. We constantly monitor the network to ensure it is operating properly, and take prompt and appropriate recovery measures in the event of a failure.

Maintaining and improving equipment quality

We have built labs that simulate the customer usage environments for broadcasting and communications-related terminals, peripheral devices, and applications, and we provide services only after conducting various types of verification in advance.

Maintaining and improving technical capabilities

We are also striving to develop technical human resources who understand the overall picture of technology from a broad perspective, have highly specialized technology, and can respond flexibly to changes in the environment, and to pass down sustainable technical capabilities.
In addition, in order to maintain a high level of customer service and service quality, we have established a training system and a certification system for service engineers.

Maintenance and improvement of transmission path quality

Establishment of a specialized department aimed at maintenance and improvement of signal quality, construction of facilities related to hybrid networks of optical fiber cables and coaxial cables, which are indispensable for cable TV, and preventive maintenance using big data, etc., to provide stable services. We strive to provide quality.

Efforts to improve networks

We are working to improve our network in response to the ever-changing communication environment caused by video viewing and the IoT of home devices. In 2018, we introduced Japan's first DOCSIS * 3.1 and began offering 1G services over coaxial cable. At the same time, we are also offering 1G, 5G, and 10G services over FTTH (fiber optics), and are continually working to build a high-speed and stable network.
To be able to respond to further changes in the communications environment in the future, we aim to provide solutions that meet the diverse needs of our customers and society through demonstration experiments of ultra-high-speed communications technology and wireless technology.

  • *DOCSIS: A standard for high-speed data communication using coaxial lines.

Business Continuity Plan (BCP)

In order to provide stable services to customers even in the event of an emergency, we have formulated a Business Continuity Plan (BCP), which defines initial response procedures for any type of crisis that occurs or may occur, and is taking appropriate crisis responses in order to minimize losses in the unlikely event that a crisis does occur.

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