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Contributing to local communities through information dissemination

We have placed "regional producers" at all 65 stations, who propose and manage plans for regional revitalization to local governments, companies, organizations, etc. We also play a part in creating sustainable regional communities by providing detailed information through locally-based media such as "community channels."

Regional Producer

There are over 100 "regional producers" who are familiar with the region at all 65 stations nationwide. These local producers plan and support events and promotions, and contribute to revitalizing the region by responding to various needs from a perspective that is close to the local area and a perspective that disseminates information nationwide.

Program production that conveys the charm of the region (J:COM SAITAMA・HIGASHINIHON)

With the desire to let the world know more about Saitama's charms, Bibiru Oki, who is from Saitama Prefecture, was invited as an MC to produce "Saitama's Counterattack", which promotes Saitama from a unique perspective. Sending out “Saitama, which we can be proud of” with love.

Participation in local participatory events (Itabashi/North Bureau)

We set up a booth at the "SDGs Experience MATSURI" hosted by the Tokyo Junior Chamber Kita Ward Committee, and donated the entire event participation fee to the "Kita Ward Social Welfare Council." At the stage event, we held a ``Zakkou's True/False Quiz'' to have fun learning about the SDGs. Information about the event was disseminated on SNS as well as news coverage.

Lecture on regional PR video production (Kanagawa Central Office)

Participated in the “Hamakko Future Company Project,” where schools, companies, and local communities work together to solve problems. He gave lectures on video production to children at Daimon Elementary School in Yokohama City, and accompanied him on interviews and filming at the local shopping association. A PR video produced by the children was broadcast to convey the appeal of the area.

Revitalizing local communities through information dissemination (Fukuoka Bureau)

The Fukuoka station is producing a program to recruit local kitchen trucks, whose opportunities to open stores have decreased due to the coronavirus pandemic, and inviting them to the station's premises. We are also making full use of SNS to disseminate information about our store openings to local people, including neighboring businesses, with the concept of ``fun, delicious, and healthy.'' In an area where there are few restaurants, the service was very popular and was enjoyed by 4,800 people in fiscal 2022, as they were able to enjoy freshly prepared meals with a good nutritional balance.

Local Media

As a community-based media, we broadcast and distribute programs that support the enjoyment of daily life with "safe and convenient information" and "rich entertainment" for the local area. We also disseminate local information through the "Do-Local" app, the web, and social media.

J:COM Channel

A community channel that plans, produces and broadcasts locally-focused programs such as local "news & variety," "events," and "disaster prevention & crime prevention" information.

J: Tele

A community channel that offers a wide variety of programs, including original local content, movies, travelogues, gourmet food, music, and anime.

Local information app "Do-Local"

An app that provides the latest local information, from local news to disaster prevention information.

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