• Total Revenue
    782.1 billion yen
    (FY 2019) * IFRS
  • Total SUB Figure
    5.57 million HH
    (as of December,2020)
  • Community Channel Network
    13.98 million HH
    (as of December,2020)
  • Consolidated Subsidiaries
    11 subsidiaries
    70 systems
    (as of April,2020)
  • Number of Employees
    (as of March, 2020)
  • J:COM Shop
    55 shops
    (as of March,2020)
  • J:COM On Demand Contents
    90 thousands
    (as of March 1, 2020)
  • J:COM Magazine
    3.80 million
    (as of March,2020)

Share of J:COM in paid cable television subscriber households

J:COM Share 47%
(as of September 2015) Source: J:COM's published figures, “Hoso Journal” issued in December 2015

J:COM Network volume in perspective of total households in Japan

Homes Passed: Households for which network is built and available for service provisioning.

* Total number of households in Japan: Total number of households according to the basic resident register, published by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, current as of January 1, 2020.

Financial Data

*1 The Company’s accounting standard is changing starting the fiscal year ending March 2015 from the US-GAAP to the IFRS.

Total Number of Subscribing Households

* Total number of Subscribing Households: the number of households subsribed to one or more services.

* The accounting standard for number of households subscribed to the CATV service was changed from the end of June 2015