Innovative Broadcasting and Communication Services through a Single Cable Line

J:COM is a leading company of the broadcasting and telecommunications industry, offering CATV, high-speed Internet access, and landline telephone services as well as mobile phone and electric power and home IoT services nationwide in the five urban areas from Sapporo to Fukuoka.

Sapporo Area, Sendai Area, Kanto Area, Kansai Area, Kyushu Area

J:COM has constructed broadband networks in Sapporo, Sendai, Kanto, Kansai, and Kyushu-Yamaguchi regions. We provide high quality, leading-edge broadcasting and communications services through a cable that is drawn right into your home.
As the largest player in the CATV industry, J:COM group strives to contribute toward the development of the whole industry.

Japan's Largest CATV Multiple System Operator

Each of J:COM Group’s operators offers the J:COM brand services in its service area.
With our multiple-system operating method, we make full use of the economy of scale in programming costs and procurement of equipment and devices. Our capital strength is also an advantage that allows us to make large-scale capital investments that would be difficult for a stand-alone operator.

J:COM offers the services of CATV, high-speed Internet, fixed phone, mobile phone and electric power and home IoT to customers. We support customers to attain enriched and convenient lifestyles with a wide array of services.

  • Enormous amount of content crossing the boundaries of broadcasting and telecommunications
  • Rich Enhanced 4K contents
  • J:COM On Demand app that you can enjoy away from home outside
  • High-speed, high-quality network
  • Comprehensive selection of free security services
  • Support system for individuals inexperienced with computers
  • So fast! Enjoy the Wi-Fi connection anywhere in the house
  • High-quality primary VolP phone service fully utilizing lP technology
  • Unlimited calling plan via collaboration, J:COM × au
  • Safe and comfortable calls with telephone security monitoring 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Highly reliable and high quality service provided by au’s network
  • You can manage everything from to the start service at home with our full support system.
  • Our dedicated apps allows customers to enjoy unlimited videos and music without in a way that doesn’t consuming mobile data.
  • Reduce your power bills by combining with other J:COM services
  • Savings in months with high usage as well months with low usage
  • Check your electricity usage and bill on your PC, smartphone or tablet
  • Only one app to set and operate all devices.
  • “MIMAMORI pack“ to check the status of door, windows and inside your house via your mobile app while away.
  • “KADEN pack“ to voice operate appliance via smart speakers and to remotely operate from outside.

J:COM's Network to Provide Reliable High-Quality Services

J:COM's services are supported by a high capacity broadband network.