J:COM supports daily life

J:COM is a leading company of the broadcasting and telecommunications industry that offers services of CATV, Internet, fixed phone, mobile phone, electric power and home IoT throughout the country.

Sapporo Area, Sendai Area, Kanto Area, Kansai Area, Kyushu Area, Yamaguchi Area

Operate business in five major metropolitan areas nationwide
With 11 managed companies and 65 CATV system operations, we support our customers ’ daily lives by providing a wide range of services that enrich their lives.

Japan's Largest CATV Multiple System Operator

In the J:COM Group, the managing company is responsible for maintenance of service infrastructure, and production and procurement of contents while managed companies offer J:COM brand services to our customers in each region.
In addition to services of TV, Internet, telephone, we support more convenient and enriched lifestyle through providing electric power, home IoT service and insurance.

J:COM offers the services of CATV, high-speed Internet, fixed phone, mobile phone and electric power and home IoT to customers. We support customers to attain enriched and convenient lifestyles with a wide array of services.

J:COM TV Flex, a set of the popular Netflix and thematic channels, is available now. Customers can choose from a variety of courses to meet their needs.


Including our 1G plan (maximum downstream speed of 1G bps),we have lineups to meet our customers’ needs. Enjoy our service with free security and support.


Using the latest VoIP technology, the voice quality is equivalent to that of a conventional fixed phone. This is a household-friendly fixed phone service with affordable rates.


J:COM MOBILE, the MVNO* service by J:COM, is different from so-called "cheap smartphone" and provides special services that only J:COM, a CATV operator, can offer.
*Mobile Virtual Network Operator


We deliver high quality, reliable, yet economical electricity to your home.


J:COM HOME is a service that uses IoT devices to enhance convenience and deliver safety in your daily life.


Aiming to make insurance, which tends to be considered as difficult and complicated,
simpler and easier to understand, J:COM provides insurance products that reflect customers’ needs that only J:COM, an infrastructure provider, can capture at affordable and friendly price. You can purchase from anywhere in Japan.

J:COM Insurance

Utilizing TV at home, we provide an online medical care service* that enables our customers to receive doctor’s examinations with simple operation. Aiming to solve the problems that regional medical care faces, we are proceeding with new initiatives.
*Areas are expanding gradually.

Online Medical Care

J:COM's Network to Provide Reliable High-Quality Services

J:COM's services are supported by a high capacity broadband network.