J:COM offers the services of CATV, high-speed Internet, fixed phone, mobile phone and electric power and home IoT to customers. We support customers to attain enriched and convenient lifestyles with a wide array of services.

  • 4K service to enable customers to enjoy high definition image quality provided by that covers “New 4K Satellite Broadcasting“
  • Over 100 thematic specialized channels where you can find your “gotta watch!“
  • J:COM On Demand app that you can enjoy away from home outside
  • High-speed, high-quality network
  • Comprehensive selection of free security services
  • Support system for individuals inexperienced with computers
  • High-quality primary VolP phone service fully utilizing lP technology
  • Unlimited calling plan via collaboration, J:COM × au
  • Safe and comfortable calls with telephone security monitoring 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Highly reliable and high quality service provided by au’s network
  • You can manage everything from to the start service at home with our full support system.
  • Our dedicated apps allows customers to enjoy unlimited videos and music without in a way that doesn’t consuming mobile data.
  • Reduce your power bills by combining with other J:COM services
  • Savings in months with high usage as well months with low usage
  • Check your electricity usage and bill on your PC, smartphone or tablet
  • Only one app to set and operate all devices.
  • “MIMAMORI pack“ to check the status of door, windows and inside your house via your mobile app while away.
  • “KADEN pack“ to voice operate appliance via smart speakers and to remotely operate from outside.
  • *to be launched in phases starting June 2019

J:COM's Network to Provide Reliable High-Quality Services

J:COM's services are supported by a high capacity broadband network.