Community-Based Business Development

Each of J:COM CATV systems conducts its business in a way best suited to the local community’s characteristics and needs. J:COM's community-based approach has garnered positive feedbacks from customers.

Sales Staff

Approximately 2,500 sales reps nationwide make door-to-door visits, helping you find a service that suits your lifestyle. Once subscribed, we have a dedicated unit of approximately 800 staff to follow up to ensure that you are receiving proper services.

Customer Centers

Our own customer centers are operating in 12 locations throughout Japan. Approximately 3,500 operators are available to help you 365 days a year with a wide variety of inquiries about subscription, offered services and fees, remote control operation, and more.

J:COM Shops

J:COM has established 56 shops* nationwide in shopping districts and commercial facilities to provide assistance with subscriptions, plan reviews, and operational help. You can also try our services for yourself at our shops.

  • *Current as of March 2019

Community Events

J:COM, as an active member of the community, hosts events such as youth baseball tournaments, youth soccer tournaments. We also annually sponsor a skating rink at the Sapporo Snow Festival.