2 original channels delivering the attractions of local community and enjoyment of J:COM's services.

J:COM offers 2 original community channels for free - “J:COM Channel” and “J:COM TV”. All households connected to the J:COM network can watch for free, regardless of their subscriptions to paid services.

13.93 million households* have access to the channels nationwide. (as of June, 2020)

J:COM Channel

Thoroughly local coverage!

This channel delivers local contents like “Daily News” packed with local information, and other programs featuring local events, local sports specials and local people.

Channel Number
Sapporo, Sendai, Kanto, Kansai, Kyushu areas / Terrestrial digital channel 11
Kumamoto area / channel 10
Shimonoseki area / channel 12


Broadcasting from a local area to the entire J:COM areas!

Delivering “locally-produced” contents to the entire J:COM areas using the J:COM network. A channel packed with the attractions like traditional festivals, fireworks and local information from various parts of Japan.

Channel Number
Sapporo, Sendai, Kanto areas / Terrestrial digital channel 10
Kumamoto area / Terrestrial digital channel 11
Kansai, Kyushu areas / Terrestrial digital channel 12
Shimonoseki area / channel 111

Delivering important information for the safety and comfort of locals

  • Treaty of emergency broadcast
  • Data broadcasting
  • Local information app “Do local“
  • Information for disaster prevention
Emergency earthquake alert and disaster warning and information service - Automatic Disaster Early Warning System linked to TV.
L-shape information subs for disaster prevention
Local information app “Do local“