Movie and video production, distribution, packaging and video planning business

Asmik Ace, Inc. is engaged in comprehensive video business from theater movie production and distribution to package and program sales. The company is breaking new ground in recent years with anime distribution, production of broadcast video content, and strengthening themed products and stage productions.

Production, distribution and sales of theater releases that grab your heart

2016 releases include a spectacular production, “Everest The Summit of the Gods” and a hot film by director Kankuro Kudo, “TOO YOUNG TO DIE!” Asmik Ace, Inc. has delivered hit movies, popular works and movies that have caused buzz at the Japan Academy Awards, including works such as “The Floating Castle”, “Helter Skelter”, “Girl in the Sunny Place”, “The Great Passage”, and “The Emperor in August”. Its planning, production and distribution promotion prowess has garnered praise from the movie industry.
In addition, the company presents outstanding Japanese and international video content, distributing international hit films such as the highly popular “Transporter” series and the Academy Award®-winning “her”, and planning, selling and supplying licenses for video software for movies and TV drama series.

“Everest The Summit of the Gods”
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the Gods” Production Committee

Anime, original distributed dramas…
All-genre video entertainment planning business

Asmik Ace, Inc. is taking steps for unprecedented all-genre video business and production. The company is in charge of sales for the J:COM and Hulu original drama “Fujiko” and the new TV anime series “Lupin III” – a new Lupin III series in 30 years, and produced the world’s first rugby-themed TV anime “ALL OUT!!” (to be broadcasted in October 2016).

“Lupin III” new TV series
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