Providing content to multiple VOD services such as J:COM and KDDI

J:COM acquires and provides content to J:COM's J:COM On Demand and KDDI’s Video Pass services.
The company is also putting efforts into premium contents - the latest releases of movies and dramas, premiere 4K distribution of “Doraemon: Nobita and the Birth of Japan 2016” and original drama. Additionally, with the IP-VOD service for cable operators, “milplus”, in addition to acquiring content, J:COM offers sales support for cable operators -- promotional planning, design and implementation of service at its initial launch.

Enjoy popular sports on multiple devices

With J SPORTS On Demand, you can enjoy a wide variety of content from J SPORTS, Japan’s largest sports TV network with 4-channel, including rugby, soccer, cycling road races and motor sports on your PC, smartphone or tablet. “Golf Network Plus” is a score management application with world record downloads that lets you watch the Golf Network in real-time 24 hours a day and enjoy lesson programs. We provide video distribution services that allow you to easily enjoy contents from popular sports channels.

Overseas Operations

J:COM is looking to expand its media business by means of overseas expansion through working with Media Create Co., Ltd., a part of SBS group, a South Korean terrestrial broadcaster.