Event Business & Ticket Agency


ANY offers inspiring live entertainment by providing a ticket agent business, event business, publishing business, and studio and music business.

Moving Image & Marketing


PROOX expands the value chain in J:COM Group’s advertising business, focusing on digital media video production and advertisement distribution.

Multilateral development by taking advantage of the synergy of each company's strengths and J:COM Group

J:COM is developing an advertising business and an event business in cooperation with our group channels and cable systems. We fully utilize the wealth of assets of J:COM Group and aim to strengthen our comprehensive capabilities.

We held a premium live event featuring the artist "TSUKEMEN“ of ANY with cooperation from our group station.

ANY plans, produces,and manages original events in cooperation with our group channels.

We support corporate marketing from the unique perspective of J:COM Group, making use of the video production ability of each group channel and Asmik Ace, as well as the digital marketing know-how of PROOX.