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Conditions regarding links to third party websites, prohibitions, disclaimers, trademarks, business performance information, copyrights, governing laws, and jurisdictions are provided.
Recommended Environment
The recommended environment for browsing of this website (OS, browser, plug-in, etc.) is provided.
Considerations in linking to this website are listed.
The site is available for free to link as long as the linking is not for profit and all of the considerations are respected. Please confirm them.
Enlargement of Fonts
You can learn how to enlarge the fonts on your browser.Please set to the size you'd like for easier reading.
Area Setting
Campaigns, maintenance, troubles, channel lists and other information tailored for your residential area are provided.You can learn how to set the area.

Usage Conditions

This website is operated by JCOM, Co., Ltd, and cable television operators, (together, J:COM) or its representative. Please read the following usage conditions before using this site. The usage is recommended only when you agree to these conditions. Also there are links to other sites operated by J:COM or by third parties. Please note there may be usage conditions provided separately for these sites and users should follow such conditions in using these sites.

Changes of Usage Conditions

J:COM may change, add or delete the following conditions at its own discretion; thus please confirm the latest information. The use of this website after such changes is deemed as agreement to the changes.

Link to Third Party Websites

This site includes links to third party websites. Such third party websites are outside of this website, and is not under J:COM's management. J:COM is not responsible for the contents of the third party websites, links included in the third party websites, or changes and updates of third party websites. The links on this website is provided for convenience and J:COM does not provide any guarantee regarding the third party websites.


The following activities are prohibited on this website.

  1. Any activity that invades or may invade property, privacy and such of the third parties or J:COM.
  2. Any activity that causes or may cause damage or disadvantage to the third parties or J:COM
  3. Any activity that may be offensive to public orders and morals.
  4. Any activity that is criminal, or results or may result in a crime.
  5. Any fraudulent declaration or submission like registering using other person's email address.
  6. Any sales activity, activity for profit, or preparation for profiting activity
  7. Any activity that damages reputation or credibility of the third parties or J:COM
  8. Any activity that uses or provides or may use or provide a harmful program like computer viruses
  9. Any other activity that violates or may violate laws and regulations
  10. Any other activity that J:COM reasonably judges inappropriate


  1. Users should use this website at their own responsibility
  2. Users should judge the usefulness and benefit of information on this site on their own. Please note that J:COM burdens no responsibilities for any damages and claims that are caused by or related to the links and such.
  3. Please note J:COM does not burden any responsibility when the availability of whole or part of this site is delayed or interrupted without a prior notice to users due to natural disasters, failures of communication equipment or computer systems, or accidents like fraud access.


All of trademarks and service marks appearing on this website are owned by J:COM or its affiliate, or used under license or other valid right. Unauthorized use of these marks is prohibited.

Business Performance Information

J:COM, for convenience of investors, may provide information about future business performance; however, such information is an estimate by J:COM management at the time of disclosure and is subject to change due to surrounding conditions.The future managerial achievement, activity achievement, or business performance expressed or indicated by such information involves various risks, and uncertainties. And they can be very different from the actual result. Therefore, users should not rely solely on these information and acknowledge that J:COM has no obligation to revise these information.


All of copyrights of any information, company logo, images and such belong to J:COM.Therefore, unauthorized usage or replication of any of the contents listed in this website is prohibited.

Governing Laws and Jurisdictions

The usage of this website, and interpretation and application of this usage condition, unless otherwise stipulated, are governed and construed by laws of Japan. The first trials of all conflicts regarding the usage of this website, unless otherwise stipulated, are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of Tokyo District Court

Recommended Environment

Recommended Environment for Browsing of This Website

The following environment is recommended for the use of this site. When used in the environment not recommended or depending on settings of your browser even in the recommended environment, the website may not be correctly displayed or used.

  • Macintosh(Mac OS X)
  • Windows(Windows XP above)
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0,7.0 (Windows)
  • Safari 2.0(Macintosh)
  • Firefox 2.0 (Windows・Macintosh)
Display Resolution 1024 x 768 pixel (800 x 600 or above)
Color Tone 16bit colors or above
Plug in
  • Flash Player 8 or above
  • Adobe Reader7.0 or above
COOKIE Enabled
Stylesheet Enabled
Security The inquiry and entry pages of this site are VeriSign secure sites (the identity of the operating body is severely checked by a third party institution). Very powerful 128bit SSL encryption is deployed for secured communication and all of transactions including transmission of personal information is encrypted for security and safety.

About Link


The link to this web site is for free regardless of whether the link is for profit or non-profit and requires no prior confirmation.


We recommend the top page, http://www.jcom.co.jp/ as the destination. The URL below the top page may be changed or deleted without notification.


The following activities or links are strictly prohibited.

  • Links using frame link or similar method that obscures that the information belongs to our website. Please set the link so the entire browser screen is replaced by our website or another screen is opened to display our site.
  • Direct links to a file composing a webpage, like an image, video, Flash, PDF file or other document file, style sheet, JavaScript.
  • Links from sites that include contents slandering or discrediting J:COM or information that damages or may damage reputations of J:COM.
  • Links from sites that invade or may invade intellectual property rights like copyrights or trademark rights, assets, privacy or image right or other rights of J:COM.
  • Links from sites that interrupt or may interrupt J:COM service or website service operation
  • Links from sites that include contents that is or may be offensive to public order and morality and social ethics.
  • Links from sites that list illegal contents or engage may have engaged in illegal activities.
  • Links from sites that disguise or may disguise, on contrary to the truth, as if J:COM has alliance with the linked entity or recommends or supports the contents of the linked entity.


You should judge the usefulness and benefit of the information on this website for yourself. J:COM does not burden any responsibility for any compensation or claims related or caused by the links.

Enlargement of Font

You can set the size of the font on your browser. Please set it to the size you'd like.

  • Size of some fonts like ones displayed in an image cannot be changed.
  • Font size change may result in inappropriate page layout.
  • Some browsers do not support font size change.

How to change

The operation is slightly different depending on your browser.

Windows Internet Explorer 7.0

Click "Display" and point to "Font size", then size selection from maximum to minimum size is presented for you to select.

Windows Internet Explorer 6.0

Click "Display" and point to "Font size", then size selection from maximum to minimum size is presented for you to select.

Mozilla FireFox 2.0

Click "Display" and point to "Font size", then menu, "larger" or "smaller" is presented for you to select.

Safari 3.0

Click "Display" and point to "Font size", then menu, "enlarge font" or "reduce size" is presented for you to select.

Area Setting

We provide information specific to your residential area (campaigns specific to our area, maintenance, troubles, channels list by area). Please select the area to brows various contents.

How to Set

Select J:COM system of your area

When you visit a system specific page, you are asked to select the area on "Selection Screen".

Change your setting

When you want to change your area, or had set to wrong area, you can go to "select your area box" at the upper right.

  • About Cookie
  • When "area setting" screen is repeatedly displayed
  • Some PC setting may disable storing of area setting

About Cookie

When you set J:COM system of your area, information called Cookie is sent to your PC and stored on your hard disk or memory.

Cookie is used to provide information targeting to your residential area (campaign, event maintenance, troubles, channels list), and does not invade privacy of customers or pc environment.
By changing the browser setting, you can disable Cookie; if you do so, please note that you must select J:COM system every time a page with local specific information is displayed.

Also, we have contracted with several online partners to optimize website. In order to measure the effectiveness of our advertising and the way the site is used, we receive service from marketing companies. Therefore, this site uses web beacon and Cookie provided by the marketing companies we work with. The types of information we gather include the area of your residence, browsed pages, etc. By supplementing our records, we can learn which page is popular and what products receives interests, what kind of products customer wants, etc. The marketing companies record information from our site as our agents; however, we are the one that manages the use of such data. While it is for the improvement of this site, if you wish that your information is not used, then you can "opt-out" by clicking here.

About Cookie

Cookie is a data file recorded on your hard disk by the website when you browse the website, and it is used to recognize the page the user saw.
Cookie is exchanged between the website and internet browser, and is widely used by many website.You can set your browser to inform you when you are opening website using Cookie, or to reject Cookie.

When "set your area" screen is displayed repeatedly

Follow the following procedure to clear data

[1]Clear cash information on Internet Explorer

On Windows
Start Internet Explorer, select [Internet Option] in [Tool] menu, then click [Delete file] button in [General] and check the box for [delete all off line contents]
On Mac OS X
Start Internet Explorer, select [Initial setting] under [Edit]. Click on [Empty] in [Cash] under [Detail setting]

[2]Restart Internet Explorer

[3]Execute "super reload" on "area setting screen"

On Windows
Press [Ctrl] and [F5] keys together.
On Mac OS
Press [command] key and click [update] on browser

If improved, no need to perform the following operation.

[4]Delete Cookie

For Internet Explorer 6 on Windows
Start Internet Explorer, select [Internet Option] in [Tool] menu, then click [Delete Cookie] in [General].
For Internet Explore on Mac OS X
Start Internet Explorer, select [Environment] in [Explorer] menu. Then click [Empty] in [Cash] under [Detailed setting]
For Mac OS X
Start Internet Explorer, select [Environment] in [Explorer] menu. When you select [Cookie], the list is displayed. Select "www.jcom.ne.jp" and click on [Delete]

If you are using security software like firewall, disable the software temporarily, then perform the above operation.